Fast-track your success

In this self-guided course you'll learn how to:  

  • choose reliable, easy-to-use equipment for your rental kits

  • estimate costs and profits for your first two years

  • work with schools and homeschool groups

  • automate customer support to save you time

  • get media coverage to reach new customers

  • NOT make the same mistakes we did! 🤣

PLUS you'll be invited to join our amazing community of hatching entrepreneurs AND our monthly live support sessions on Zoom. 

What's covered in the course?

A LOT! Click section titles below to see all the lessons.

    1. Welcome from Wendee and Linda

    2. Before We Begin...

    3. Course Orientation

    1. Setting Up Your Business


    1. What You'll Learn

    2. Kit Components

    3. Hatching Eggs

    4. Hatching Guide

    5. Hatching Curriculum

    6. Rooster Returns

    7. Pickup & Return Procedures

    8. Rental Period

    9. Service Area


    11. RESOURCE VIDEO - Packing Your Kits

    12. RESOURCE VIDEO - Cleaning Your Kits

    13. RESOURCE VIDEO: Modifying candler for quail eggs

    14. RESOURCE VIDEO - Ventilating Your Brooder Bin

    1. What You'll Learn

    2. Policies


    1. What You'll Learn

    2. Supporting YOU: Creating your Support Team

    3. Customer Support: Intro + Time Expectations

    4. Customer Support: Initial Call

    5. Customer Support: Onboarding & Scheduling

    6. Customer Support: Emails

    7. Customer Support: Texts

    8. Customer Support: Classroom Teachers (Scheduling Tips)


    1. What You'll Learn

    2. Your Website

    3. Social Media

    4. Email Marketing

    5. Schools & Organizations

    6. Events

    7. Media

    8. Giveaways

    9. Cross Promotion


How to Start a Successful Hatching Rental Program

  • 58 lessons
  • Time-saving resources & downloads
  • Membership in business owners community
  • Monthly live support calls

Start Today!

Start small or go big. Tailor your program to fit your lifestyle and goals. Create a business that you AND your customers will love. We'll make it easy.

"Within two weeks of starting the class, I announced my upcoming launch. I had so much interest that I actually had to start renting two weeks earlier than planned. Four customers signed up right away, and more are contacting me every day!"

Kelli Knecht
Feathered Knechtions, UT

Bonus Materials

(Psst! They're products you can sell.)

Hatching Guide and Curriculum

$500+ value

As a bonus, you will receive two editable hatching guides for your customers, one for quail and one for chicken. In addition, you'll receive two 58-page PDFs of our elementary hatching curriculum - one for quail and one for chicken. They are designed to be used over a five-week period and are full of fun videos, language arts activities, and science experiments that can be adapted for any age. They also include an extensive vocabulary guide and a list of recommended fiction and non-fiction books about chickens and quail. 

See 14 sample pages:

Including the curriculum with your hatching rentals adds value to your program and sets it apart from others. And you can sell your hatching guide + our curriculum as stand-alone product on your website. We charge $25 for ours. So if you sell 20 a year, you'll make $500! 

Course Purchase Options

Get lifetime access to the course, the community, the Hatching Curriculum PDFs, any new course content, and all live class sessions.

Really great class!

“I've been wanting to start a chick hatching rental for years now. I'm so happy you created this course. It was very well put together!! The layout, delivery, esthetics, everything is wonderful and it's very user friendly. I didn't know what to expect and I was impressed. ”

Amanda Holzer, ZimZer Ranch


  • How soon can I earn back what I spend on this course?

    We set the price of the course so that you could earn your investment back in your first two kit rentals. There are other costs involved (kit items, business license, etc.), which will determine how soon you will break even and start making a profit. The Profits section of the course will walk you through your costs and pricing so you can estimate how soon you will start seeing a profit.

  • Are there any licensing fees or commissions to pay?

    Nope. This is a one-time course with ongoing support. We don't ask for licensing fees or commissions on your sales. Your business is YOUR business and you are not legally associated with or obligated to Hatching At Home in any way.

  • Can I set my own kit rental prices?

    Yes! You can choose the pricing, policies, and program length that best fits you and your community. We offer suggestions for what has worked best for us, but you are completely free to design your own program.

  • How much money do I need to start?

    We help you answer that in the Profits section of the course. You'll get access to a spreadsheet where you can choose how many kits you want to start with, input your costs and rental pricing, and estimate your profits for the first two years of your business.

  • How long can I access the course?

    You will have permanent, unlimited access to the course, the resources, the community, and any new content we add. And you can join the monthly live support sessions anytime you need to!

Course Instructors

Linda Easton

Partner, Hatching At Home

Linda has a B.A. in Elementary and Special Education from the University of South Florida and an M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of California, Davis. She taught in early childhood settings (infant/toddler teacher), elementary educating settings (special education, Title I Reading, mainstream grades 3 and 4), and adult education (university prep English grammar and conversation). She graduated from the California Farm Academy in 2020 and currently runs GullyRumpus Farm, where she raises Japanese (Coturnix) quail and American Bresse chickens.

Wendee Miller

Partner, Hatching At Home

FeatherBaby Farm was born out of Wendee's undeniable chicken addiction. She has more than 15 years of experience with specialty breed chickens. Her farm in Shingle Springs, CA is NPIP certified. Wendee has a B.A. in Psychology and Child Development from San Jose State University. She taught in early child settings, including infant/toddler, pre-school, and after school care programs and has been both a preschool director and owner as well.